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Job Postings

JavaMUG is happy to provide a mailing list, for both job seekers and recruiters/employers. We hope this list will provide a great way for those within our community to discover exciting new Java development related opportunities. Subscribing to the list is a prerequisite for either posting or receiving e-mails. Guidelines and instructions are outlined below.


The JavaMUG-Jobs list is intended to provide a place for Metroplex Java job-oriented postings.  Please refrain from sending job postings to the main javamug list.

Please send a message to JavaMUG-Jobs@googlegroups.com to post to the list.

Some general guidelines for posting:

  • Java development must be an important aspect of the responsibilities
  • Specify job title & salary range in Message Subject
  • Post specific job details in Message Body including salary, contract or permanent, approximate work location, etc.
  • Do not repost the same job over and over.
  • Include contact information: e-mail, phone number, and web site (if available).

Please do not abuse this service.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Job Seekers

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