MongoDB (short for Humongous Database) is a document–oriented NoSQL database written in C++ that stores data in JSON–like (BSON) documents into dynamic schemas. MongoDB is emerging as one of the leaders in the document–oriented NoSQL space. Spring Data is one of the latest offerings from the Spring Source Community, and is focused on improving data access and persistence. Leveraging the venerable power of the Spring Framework, Spring Data purports to deliver a "familiar and consistent" programming model underpinned by the Spring Services and its IOC container.

This session will explore Spring Data integration to MongoDB while covering the following key points: Intro to MongoDB, Intro to MongoVIEW, Intro to Spring Data, SpringData and MongoDB configuration, Spring Data templates, repositories, Query Method Conventions, Custom queries (custom finders), Customizing repositories, Meta Data Mapping, Indexes, and Database References.

Jimmy's slides are here.

Eclipse Java Example Project is here.