With the transition to microservices and cloud platforms, comes an increased need to integrate with services that your team or organization might have limited or no control over. A common pain point experienced in this type of workflow is long wait times while client developers wait for service developers to build their service, and unreliable test suites as integration tests are run against live services which might have test data go missing, be down for maintenance, or slow to respond because they are under a heavy amount of traffic. There has to be a way we can develop services more quickly and have confidence they will work in production!

In this presentation we will learn about the goals and processes behind contract driven development and how they resolve a lot of pain points around developing in a microservices/cloud world. Once we have the underlying principles figured out, we will switch to the practical and look at using Spring Cloud Contract to write contracts. Spring Cloud Contract offers several approaches for writing contracts and we will cover them so your organization can choose which would be the best fit. Finally we will look at how to incorporate contract tests into your CI/CD pipeline. If you have been frustrated by wait times from working with other services or an unreliable test suite, then you will definitely want to attend this presentation!