Spring AOP

May 10, 06

When most people think of Spring, thoughts of dependency injection (DI) come to mind. Indeed, Spring supports loose-coupling of application components through DI. But DI is only one part of the story. Where DI decouples application components from each other, aspect-oriented programming decouples components from those higher-level concerns such as logging, security, and transactions.

Spring has always had a stake in AOP. Until recently, Spring's brand of AOP has been cumbersome to use and not nearly as powerful as alternatives such as AspectJ. But with the 2.0 release, Spring's AOP features have been greatly enhanced and are now much easier to work with.

In this session, we'll explore Spring AOP, seeing how it's now easier than ever to add aspects to your Spring-enabled applications. You'll also see how Spring and AspectJ can work together to provide the full decoupling power of aspects along with DI.