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NoSQL: Meet the Family

July 13, 2016


Learn about the various types of NoSQL databases (Key-Value, Document, Big Table, Graph). We’ll discuss examples of actual project implementation. From there we’ll deep dive into a couple of specific examples (Mongo and ElasticSearch) and illustrate the differences.

Different types of NoSQL data stores:

  1. Key Value Store – simplest; think caching (Memcache)
  2. Ordered Key Value – a step up for the key value store but allows less scanning of the database (DynamoDB)
  3. Big Table – Think of these as maps-of-maps-of-maps. (Cassandra, HBase)
  4. Document – Store data in some sort of document (typically JSON); This is probably what most people think about when they hear the term NoSQL. (MongoDB, ElasticSearch)
  5. Graphing – Tracks the relationships between objects very efficiently, but has to look at all the objects to do so. (Neo4j)

Presented by David Rollins

David Rollins is a Solution Architect at Slalom Consulting. David has worked as DBA, developer, and server admin. He has 15 years of experience developing web based applications. Before joining Slalom, David has worked for a variety of industries including logistics, health care, death care, and communications.

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